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Mobile Automotives and LPG
Specialists in LPG servicing and repairs. Engine, SRS, Abs and other computer Diagnostics.
Auto Electrics and Emissions checks.

Nearly all system covered including Engine ECU, Airbags (SRS system) Abs, 4 wheel drive system, service light reset.
For just £25 we will come to you and connect our diagnostic equiptment to your vehicle, this will show any faults your vehicle has and enable us to discuss the problem with you and explain how to fix it, we can then clear any fault codes and any dashboard lights for you.
No diagnostic equiptment is perfect, sometimes it can be impossible to connect to a particular vehicle, if when we get to you we cannot connect to the vehicles computer system then you will not be charged anything.

As with every other service we provide, we will always take great care of your car, clean wing covers will ALWAYS be used, and a clean seat cover will always be placed on the seats when it is necessary for us to work inside the vehicle.

Mobile: 07954 582542     Landline: 01952 630307

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