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Mobile Automotives and LPG
Specialists in LPG servicing and repairs. Engine, SRS, Abs and other computer Diagnostics.
Auto Electrics and Emissions checks.

We will come to you and provide your vehicle (car, van, RV) with a full LPG service and safety inspection within Shropshire and surrounding counties
(Mobile services available throughout the UK but please ring for a quote if outside Shropshire)

Mobile Automotives and LPG offer a comprehensive mobile LPG service and safety inspection covering-
*A complete leak test*
*Safety check on tank(s), pipes, wires, injectors, filler..literally the whole system from front to back*
*All solenoids cleaned*
*New LPG filter fitted*
*Computer diagnostics*
*Petrol ECU interrogated, fault codes removed and lambda light extinguished where necessary*
*Full emissions check with printout*
*A service report detailing any faults found and repairs made*

All LPG systems should be serviced after around 12,000 miles (or 1 year, whichever comes first) filters get clogged, safety shut off valves and injectors get dirty and begin to stick and all manner of other problems begin.
One example is that over time all LPG systems can and do start to go out of tune this can cause your car to run rich or lean (too much or too little fuel being burnt) because the LPG runs alongside the petrol system this can also heavily affect the way the car will run even when switched back to petrol, if for example your LPG is running rich the petrol computer will see this and try to make it leaner...this only has the effect of making the engine very lean on petrol, this then means that if you switch back to run on petrol or every morning when you start the car on petrol your engine will be running very lean on fuel...this is bad!
Unfortunately many LPG systems go unserviced until something goes wrong.
The quality of many LPG installations on cars today still unfortunately can range from untidy to dangerous, many safety guidelines are completely ignored in an effort to get the car converted and move on to the next! or even just fitted by people who do not understand the safety implications when installing an LPG kit. 
For this reason on every service a full safety check is carried out including checking the tanks installation, location and fitment of the LPG filler, shut off valves, regulator, injectors/mixer and inspecting all pipes and ensuring they are all secured at the appropriate places.....many LPG pipes are not secured correctly!
Why leave your car with a garage or lose time from work!

As with every other service we provide, we will always take great care of your car, clean wing covers will ALWAYS be used, and a clean seat cover will always be placed on the seats when it is necessary for us to work inside the vehicle.
Most LPG systems serviced including-
AEB, AC, Autronic, Autogas Italia, AG, BRC, Bigas, Emmegas, Elpigaz, KME, Koltec Necam, Landi, Landi-Renzo, Lovato, Lecho, Prins, Protec Digital, Romano, OMVL, Tartarini, Zavoli, Autronic.

Factory fitted kits serviced on.... Vauxhall, Volvo, VW, Ford and LDV.

For more information call 'Mobile Automotives and LPG' on 07954 582542 and ask for Edward


Mobile: 07954 582542     Landline: 01952 630307

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