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Mobile Automotives and LPG
Specialists in LPG servicing and repairs. Engine, SRS, Abs and other computer Diagnostics.
Auto Electrics and Emissions checks.

Unfortunately many things can go wrong with an LPG system.
If you are having any problems with your LPG system we can help, we cover everything from a basic checkover to replacing any necessary parts (no parts will ever be replaced without first discussing it with the vehicle owner)

If the problem needs investigating then we will come to you and spend one hour checking over the system and trying everything we can to get you back up and running on gas, most problems can be rectified within this one hour diagnostic period, if the fault cannot be dealt with within this hour or parts are needed to rectify the problem then we will explain in detail the problem found and go over the options and prices with you.
The charge for this one hour diagnostic is only £40, no further costs will be incurred unless you agree to any replacement parts that may be needed.
As stated above most LPG running or non running problems can be repaired or diagnosed with an hour

As with every other service we provide, we will always take great care of your car, clean wing covers will ALWAYS be used, and a clean seat cover will always be placed on the seats when it is necessary for us to work inside the vehicle.

Mobile: 07954 582542     Landline: 01952 630307

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